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Yo what’s up DGC I’m COMING ATCHA! With some 420seeds I got awhile back from seeds here now. 2/3 were a bust, and I decided before I move to run these original autos. And it turns out they grew some beautiful flowers! smelly smell and pretty dense from what I can feel. Used (Greengro) Earthshine, Flower finisher, Natures Pride Veg 6/3/3.5  & Pride Lands Bloom 2/5.5/5.5), Down to Earth Bio – Live & Vegetable Garden 4/4/4 , and Kelp. I recently got some mushrooms and I think it’s from down to earth Organics. I used coco from previous grow that I allowed my dry amendments, worms and some kitchen scraps to cook. Got some recharge imma let my blue dream photo bulk up with that.

I’m a new grower (2y) but I try my best maybe too much sometimes but I see some bomb buds rn 😎