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What’s up DGC!? Its been a while since my last dank nug, but I wanted to share a success story that was made possible because of podcasts like the Dude Grows Show and Rasta Jeff’s Grow From your Heart. I’ll start by saying I fucking love growing cannabis. It’s my medicine and growing it gives me a focus and peace I never thought possible. My wife (non-cannabis user) loves traveling. Well long story short, I love my wife and I was pulled away from the garden for trips to Vegas, Cabo, and Cancun. I’m definitely not complaining about chillin in some awesome locations, but I have medicine I have to produce. The solution… Automation! I’ve listened for years; and with all the knowledge I’ve soaked up, I pieced together an auto watering system. Needless to say I was anxious as fuck leaving my garden 3 different times this summer with the longest being 9 days. I grow in the attic of one of the hottest states. A list of what could go wrong is substantial. But, the cannabis gods came through and I came home to a happy garden. Only a few large fan leaves lost their turgidity. Here are a few pictures of one of the girls that I bailed on for a total of 21 days during her flowering period. Turns out I can keep a happy wife and some happy ganja plants. Thank you guys for all the knowledge y’all share with the DGC! Time to give these girls their first dose of Winter Frost to pack on that frost and finish them up.