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Not so much a hack as definite problem solver. Standard oscillating fans take up a lot of real estate in a 4×2 or smaller tent. They need clearance to move and sometimes plants must be kept a distance away due to wind burn and leaf mulching. The clip on fans are inferior quality and the oscillators are noisy and sketchy.

I found these guys years ago and have been using them steady with great results. It’s a small box fan (7×14″total space) using internal oscillating louvers. They can be can be hung from the ceiling of a tent against a wall, or mounted on the ceiling with bungees. They’re repairable with parts available. I’ve only had to replace a o-ring type drive belt once…Seabreeze sent me a few no charge.

The last one I got a couple of years ago ( I have a few), I had to order from Home Hardware on line for a pick up at my local store. It’s Seabreeze 7500-1 pulse action made by Emerson.

The pictures are from my 4×2 tent, the fan sits under the trellis in front of an air intake, so it also helps pull in fresh air.

Stay cool and keep growin’