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Hello DGC, I see a lot of people working harder not smarter. I’ve been working in construction as an electrician for the past 9 years. So I guess you can say I have an eye for these things. I’ve noticed people making huge simple things into projects like mounting clip fans. Here’s a little hack to save you a lot of hassle just use some zip ties. You can slide your fans to what height you want also you can add another zip tie below the fan so it doesn’t slide down onto your canopy. So you can actually angle your fan how you want because clipping onto the poles does a shit job. Another thing I see in some tents is overcomplicated duct work. Keep it simple the more bends the more you cut your airflow. I posted some pictures so everyone can get a good visual. I just mount the filter inside my tent towards the top. Connect the duct to my carbon filter and run it through the hole on top of the tent. Right into the inline fan which is just sitting on top of my tent. So my duct only has one 90° bend in it. I see people with their duct hanging inside the tent close to the floor. If you do that then you are gonna have a hot stale climate above where your duct is. You want your fresh air coming in through the bottom and old air going out the top. I have a 6 inch duct fan with a pollen filter blowing into my tent as the carbon filter is taking air out. So I dont have to deal with a balloon or deflated balloon. The tent stays normal and maintains a perfect airflow. Hope this helps my fellow growers out there good airflow is key to a healthy garden.