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Hey everybody,

I would like to share my experience with the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts.

My father has always been a rather narrow minded, conservative, obey the law type of person. He’s known I’ve been growing for quite some time now, and has always been uncomfortable with the issue. He’d refuse to talk about organic gardening with me, just because he thought I was always alluding to cannabis.

Well, this has finally changed… Now whenever he comes to visit, he asks to see my garden. He’s so fascinated by the science behind the organic process of living soil.

He’s a home brewer that grows his own hops and makes a badass brew. So when I explain to him that weed (or any food crop for that matter) grown in miracle grow was like Budweiser, and my purple winter flowers that I grow organically are more like that Sam Adams chocolate Bock that you can only get around Christmas. Really though, I feel like my homegrown has taken on a wonderful flavor and thick, creamy texture when smoked since converting to a living soil. I wonder if he might be willing to give it a try at some point. He was so intrigued when I told him that varieties high in pinine would be well tolerated by asthmatics. Fucking amazing!!!

Okay, here’s a question… I’ve been working in preclinical biomedical research for 9 years now and I simply must change my career… Can’t take it anymore. I recall an interview with a lead cultivation technician a while back, and besides dedication and persistence, how do I go about getting a job in a newly legalized state where I can exercise and further develop my skills in cannabis. How can I become a caregiver? Would that even support my family and pay the bills? Do I need to know someone in the industry? I’m not the most experienced grower, but I’ve gotten good enough to stop paying to my local “florist”… Thanks to the Dude Grows Show and the collective DGC. Should be able to put that on my resume.

Sorry if it’s a loaded question and for the novel.

Thanks y’all!