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Hello everyone and happy Thanksgiving,

I have a lot to be thankful for today. I believe I have solved my out of town watering problem. Thanks to the good people of the DGC I have put together a watering system for less than $30. I bought a digital timer, 120 gph water pump, some tubing, plastic “T”, and (3)1/4″ brass nipples. I figured if the pump runs for 1 min it will give +/- 2 gal. I routed plastic tubing with the T’s. When I tested it out the water took the path of least resistance and put must of the water into one bucket. My answer to that was to get brass nipples and crush down the end giving the needed equal resistance to evenly distribute the water, it worked. I had a 12 gal tub that I filled with ph water. I also dimmed down the lights thanks to your discussion on the show, RASUFA also gave good advice. I actually tried with a fountain pump I had in the garage, but it pumped almost 5 gal in one min.

Thanks again to a helpful group of people. I still am curious about mixing nutrients with the water in my SIP container, do I just mix and adjust pH as usual and let it sit in the bottom? I do have air stones in the reservoir of each bucket because I am worried about stagnant water .