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Hello all of you cool cats from the DGC.

I have to go out of town for a week. I am worried that will be to long between watering. I an running in sip containers, but one of the plants needs water every two or three days. Do you think if I water right before I leave they will be ok for a week? I know people like to let them have a dry time and think the stress is good for them. they are in veg now and I will flip them tp flower when I come back.

I plan on turning the exhaust fan down to slow evaporation, but I fear that my vivosun tent dehumidifier will fill up with the added indoor humidity. I just put the dehumidifier in there about 4 days ago. it has kept my humidity under 60% (it was up to 70+% at lights out) and has collected less than a 1/2 cup of water in that time. I don’t have anyone that I can (am willing) have come and water one time.

I think it will be ok Just paranoid I will come home to death. These plants are for seed production so all they have to do is survive and produce some seeds. If it wasn’t prohibition land for home grow here I could easily have someone come and water, but I am fucked. Anyway I think they will be ok for 4-5 days I just hope the extra 3 days don’t kill them, I am attached to them now.

If you are in central Florida please check out my Facebook page “DGC Central Florida”.

Thanks for any advice you guys rock,