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Will I achieve the same root mass by digging a 3 foot wide by 3 foot deep hole filled with super soil as A 100 gallon fabric? Im running 5 chocolope and 1 ghost train haze and 1 skywalker OG outside. In the ground or 100 gallons???

I am looking for any tips on this indoor transition period, i usually only grow outdoors and this will be my 2nd indoor grow, the first had to be chopped cause of those dirty lil oinkers during prohibition years back, now its legal and im devoting to it. I made a scrog trellis at 4’x4′ from metal fencing took one of my Chocolopes that was 3 and a half feet tall, bent that at a 90 degree angle and filled that screen up to about 80% with bud sites and also I have one Ghost Train Haze that I just bent at a 90 degree angle and let it bush up. Then on may 1st I flipped my light schedule to 14hrs off and 10 hrs on, last hour i just run the bloom channel at 100% and veg at 0%. Now im kicking pistils. I have a dual channel viparspectra 1000 watt led and a 1000 watt parfactworks fullspectrum single channel grow light. Now I was wondering what would be some progressive steps I can take to pull this off….Thank you and good growing yall…Peace and love