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I have GSC “girl scout cookies” clone. In recipe 420 soil only given it pH declorinated water and northern California sun so far no added nutrients yet, have some on order.¬†Question is about container size and moving up? I bought the clone 17 days ago I put it in a 1 qt pot for the first 10 days then went to its current pot 2.50 qt I bought a 20 gallon smart pot for its final home but also have a extra 5 gallon root pouch I can use too and bags of foxfarm ocean forest soil to fill pots, question is when I’m ready to transfer again in few days if I should go straight to the 20 gallon or go in the 5 gallon and then jump to the 20 ? You will see in the pics Its growing next to 2 durban poison autoflowers I’m trying out too……Thanks for reading and any input!