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Ok, I’ve got my watermelon wedding cake and gorilla cookies up and growing preparing to move them outside once freeze warnings are over. I’m in a legal state with a legal right to grow up to 15 plants, but I want to  hide them in plain sight. My thoughts were a ring of Hawaiian peppers to help obscure the plants as well as on one side block some of the lights from my neighbors porch as I have heard cookie crosses can herm but from 100+ feet I’m not sweating that much. Mainly I want to obscure their line of sight so while it will smell like hell, you can’t see a thing.

These are running in subcool’s recipe maybe 2017-ish version of super soil I amended it each fall with Bokashi compost, azomite, and dolomitic lime. The compost I make is all P and K heavy fruits and veggies so my soil is fully charged and ready. I plant tons of clover in my pots and give them fish too so they don’t miss much.

Will the companion plants create issues for me? Will any plants naturally discourage two spotted spider mites because the area is lousy with them? I hoped the peppers might help discourage the bad guys so my IPM could be a little less daily drudgery.

This year I’m trying using a few wicks wrapped around the root ball then down through the pot and into a reservoir (filled with pure water) to keep soil moisture optimal at all times. I’m hoping that will increase plant vitality to help them resist pests. What do you think and does anyone know the ratio of media size to wicks (how many gallons of soil to each wick) or if this can’t be done with super soils?

I’ve been slamming the Pro-TeKt down these seedlings since sprout to help them resist pests. Am I missing anything?