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Whattup Dude, Scotty, Guru and tha DGC!!!

Last year like Dude, I had a terrible issue with caterpillars and crop loss to budrot. This year I’m taking a full court press against them (and other bad bugs) in as many ways as I can think of…

First, distraction! I put up a bug zapper across the yard, hopefully I can just keep moths distracted and flying away from the grow.

Second, physical barriers! I’ve got the outdoor garden surrounded by insect netting, however it’s not perfect. There are some gaps toward the bottom where the walls don’t quite meet the floor.

Third, the SPRAYS!!! I’ll be applying both SuffoilX and Botaniguard 22WP every 7-10 days. Also, a Spinosad product being sprayed on a similar schedule, just offset by a few days. As we get closer to mid July / early August, I’ll start cutting out the SuffoilX and swapping out the Spinosad product with a BtK product and continue with the Botaniguard until about 2-3 weeks before harvest.

Last, BENEFICIALS!!! The plan is to order bugs around late-Aug to early September, I’ve got my eye on the following: Rove Beatles, Orius, Californicus, Swirskii and maybe something that flies like a parasitic wasp of some sort. The plants typically come down between mid-October and early November.

My questions are:

Am I doing this right?

I’m trying to balance between using sprays and releasing beneficials. I don’t want to kill my investment. Is it better to release beneficials early to establish themselves at the cost of spraying a few? Or wait until I’m done spraying oils before releasing beneficials?

Will the BtK or Botanigard cause issues with any of the biologicals I’m releasing?

Is there anything else I should think about? I know I don’t have any nematodes listed, but money is tight and I can’t get everything. Should I swap any of the beneficials with nematodes instead?

Any feedback is appreciated! #growerslove