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Its my second grow I’ve got a Kmintz from ripper seeds a washing machine from ripper seeds, they sent me peyote critical and a freebie blue cheese all are females and I’m using down to earth dry amendments super soil and top dressing and doing compost teas and my favorite foliar sprays with kelp extract and some cal-mag. I have a purple stem on my peyote critical and its only on the top side of the stems on almost every fan leaf. Other than that I’ve had no problems and the plant looks great. Next year I will be spacing out the plants more as I did not expect the plants to get so big. In my soil I did not add anything high in potassium other than alfalfa meal, how much potassium do plants need? I’m worried off powdery mildew and other funguses because of my high humidity destroying my flowers what are some good fungicides to use. Thanks for the answers