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Hey DGC,

Getting excited for this year’s outdoor grow.  Decided to switch up my original plan of planting in ground to planting in containers. Plus I bought a 6×9 and a 5×5 pop up greenhouse.

Im gonna run autoflowers and photos. My strains are Top Gun (autoflowers) and French Cookies (photos) Definitely glad I decided to plant in containers because the French Cookies is a 9-10 week strain. Seems way to long for outdoor in Michigan so i plan on having to finish indoor.

I’ve already started my autoflowers and photos indoor they are a week old (from germination) I don’t start planting outside until the 1st or 2nd week of June depending on the weather. So basically the autoflowers will spend most or all of veg indoor.  Once I’m ready I’ll slowly introduce them outside for a few hours a day for a week then turn em loose.

My question is..  (besides eagle 20 lol) what are you guys using for pest prevention? I’ve never used anything for pests…I always grow indoor in the winter months and have never even seen a bug Dude…I’m thinking neem oil for the veg cycle and putting lady bugs in the greenhouse during flower.  Also do I ever need to wash of the neem since they won’t be getting rained on?

Tell me you secrets..

Hydro Larry ✌️ ✌️