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Hey DGC!

Want to start by thanking you two dudes for being on every a.m. for us and bringing the community together. I posted a question some time ago but those plants failed, so started over. Now, I have two in veg. And one may begin to flower in a few weeks. First Picture is Blue Satellite 2.2 & second photo is Head Space. Here are my concerns… Pot size/ plant size, smell & nitrogen. I’m finding out plants need extra nitrogen when in veg. Since I’m trying to grow organically what could I use to provide extra Nitrogen? Secondly, my fingers smell dank if I just slightly rub the leaves. Does this mean this is going to be one smelly beast when flowering? And lastly, I’m trying to be somewhat conservative with the growth, if you follow. Don’t need any unwanted visitors. Lol. Will the plant only grow as big as the space provided and still be a good quality grow?  I’m not looking for a great yield… But just want a discreet, small batch of quality cannabis. Thanks in advance to anyone who can chime in with some suggestions or advice. It is greatly appreciated. Cheers & growers love DGC! #OperationOvergrow