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How goes it Dude, Scotty, Guru and DGC,

I have a question about growing outdoors in the desert of East SoCal. My back yard is dead, I don’t want to make it full of grass again if I can fill up with a better green. The Temp and RH here on any given day in the summer and fall is 100-115 f and 25-30% RH with A 20 degree swing at night give or take. I want to have six plants outdoors so I can max out my med rec. what I know I’ll be doing so far is raised beds no til, super soil and drip irrigation. The big question I have is would I be able to get away with just a 30% shade cloth or is a greenhouse an absolute must from this desert environment? This will be my first grow outdoors but I know it’s possible out here given the right know how is applied. Any help would be greatly appreciated.