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What’s up DGC!

Setup: growing in 70/30 perlite under an hlg 650r. Last watered Wednesday at 400 ppm 5.9 pH fox farm nutes (the trio), cal-mag, Recharge. Before that, 375 ppm about 8 days before. I built a custom drip system instead of hand watering, and this is where I think I’m going wrong. Normally with the plants this size, I’d be watering about a half gallon each, which is what I’m replicating with the drip system.

I created a post a couple weeks ago about some drooping seedlings. Ended up being over-watering due to the seedlings being in a larger pot (7 gallon radicle). The plants did recover, but I’m apparently still over-watering since I’m  experiencing typical over-watering symptoms. I’m honestly at a loss. I’ve been growing for about 10 years, but never with a drip system, only by hand. Again, watered about 2.5 gallons between 5 plants, I’m getting about 10% runoff. I know the plants are still small, but is a half galling really too much to water them at a time? Any help would be greatly appreciated!