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Whats up Dude, Scotty and Guru. I currently use:

Silica:Pro Tekt


Base:Heavy 16

Rhizo:Roots Excelerator Gold


Aminos:Dark Energy




Catalyst:Heavy 16 Prime

Sugars/Carbs:Bud Candy

Chitosan:The Kraken(NFTG)

Bloom Enhancer:Big Bud

Bloom Booster:MOAB

Fulvic:Bio Ag Fulpower

Humic:Bio Ag TM-7

Foliar:Heavy 16 Foliar

Beneficial:Bio Ag Vam

Im in a 5×5 Gorilla Grow Tent with a Fluence Bioengineering SpydrX Plus led,2 16inch Hurricane fans and 2 6 inch can fan pros with carb filters.

I do 9 15gal Smartpots with Roots Organic Original,Grow Stones and some Canna Coco.and i use tomato cages(oh Shit wait i just gave up all my secrets. lol)

I get awesome results but i have a few questions im trying to get rid of a few of these products just to make things simpler and a little cheaper so,

1.can i use recharge to replace Dark Energy which is amino acids?

2.Can Recharge replace the Bio Ag TM-7 for the humics?

And if u have any suggestions of what i can eliminate please let me know.I just feel like im doing to much.but i love my results.