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Hey DGC,

Hope everyone is doing well in these strange times.

I’m working with some seeds that I have leftover on this run: 1 Chocolate Mint OG from Humboldt Seed Co. 1 Tropicana Banana from Barney’s Farm, and 1 Alaskan Purple from Seedsman (freebie). Im working in a 2×4 space with a HLG 260 Rspec. Environment is generally 75-80 degrees with 65-75% RH. Seeds are planted in about 90% Biobizz light mix and about 10% coco in 3 gal Radicle Bags. I’m feeding Biobizz nutes and, of course, Recharge.

As these little guys have been getting bigger I began to incrementally give them a bit more water (barely to the point of runoff still). My last feeding was on Friday the 27th. Saturday the AKP started to look a bit droopy , and then Sunday morning it looked rough. The pictures are from this morning  (Monday the 30th) and it looks the worst that it has, most leaves feel ‘deflated’ if you know what I mean, and everything is sagging. New growth also looks a lot more wispy than previously, but i assume this is due to stress?

I feel like its likely overwatering, as my last 2 feeding were the heaviest that I’ve given them, but since i had some free time this morning, i though id get some validation/ advice from the masses. At this point, the pots seem pretty dang dry, so i was possibly going to give them a light watering later today or tomorrow with some Recharge (its that time of the week anyways). What do you guys think? any suggestions on any aspects of my grow would be awesome. Take care out there DGC, and happy growing!

In the picture of all 3, left to right: Alaskan Purple, Chocolate Mint OG, Tropicana Banana. All three look a bit sad, but the Alaskan purple is the one that I’m really concerned about.