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Hi I’m currently a couple of weeks into flower growing in pro-mix and extra perlite. Let’s just say a lot extra. Using a Jack’s regimen of Jack’s, 180grams per 50 gal, and calcium nitrate 120 grams/50 gal, and Epsom 80/ 50 gal. Along with a good splash of  fulvic liquid. Leaving me at about 1100 ppm. Including the 230 ppm that the tap water starts out at. The plants seem to like tap water a lot better than RO water. Tried it once, they reacted poorly. So I went back to tap.

Anyway, the question is, I’m going to add microbes on the next watering. Chances are I’m going to a grow shop to get them. I’m a little wary because it seems the stuff could be sitting on the shelf more months or years. Is there a shelf life on microbe products. Like if I unknowing buy something that’s been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long, is it going to be a waste of time and money?

I’m growing blackberry super skunk hybrid, and gg4. BTW, that gg4 is looking very frosty being less than two weeks into flower.