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Hello guys, maybe not so much a grow question but maybe just looking for some information

2018 my wife myself and my father in-law set out from Edmonton Alberta to head west to jasper for august long weekend, about an hour outside of Edmonton my wife made a mistake that changed our lives forever.

My wife ended up laying her bike down doing 120kmh, she has suffered many many injuries, shattered pelvis, shattered hip, broken femur, shattered arm, 3 squished vertebrae, broken shoulder as well as other, she has gone through 31 surgeries to date and still has about 4 more to go and was also told a double hip replacement will need to happen at some point, my father in-law was behind me and I was behind her, stars ambulance was busy and was unable to answer the call to airlift her to university of Alberta hospital.

my question is this, she now suffers chronic pain and unfortunately the only pain medication that works is extremely addictive and she is slowly heading down the opioid trail and we are having severe issues getting her off them, she was raised in a family where even the mention of cannabis was looked down on, its been drilled in her head for her whole life that this leads to your brain turning to mush, no bullshit!

now, I’ve read a million books, watched videos and listened to you guys all the time, how would I approach the situation of trying to get her to try some flower or some edibles. And is there any science backing up that certain strains will help get her off the oxy, and help with pain management, I’ve grown for a few years now but my main concern is getting my wife off the opioids, how do I approach this situation,

please please please any information or grow tips, strain suggestions, anything would help,

i also now deal with severe ptsd and anxiety because of it all to but cannabis has helped ten fold.

thanks fellas, great show.