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Whats up dudes, just wanted to stop in and show you guys my latest creation. From my recent harvest I washed the papaya flambada, flamberry by rocky mountain high/boom seed Co collab, and 90 micron together. What it produced was the most intense flavor kick to the nose. When we were washing we noticed how Greasy and sticky the stainless paddle was getting. We knew we were in for some quality.  Though typically a sign of a low yielder but we were okay once we smelled how funky it was coming out. Cold cured in the fridge for a couple weeks. Just gave it the first whip and poke. Shes extremely  blonde, almost cotton white, and Greasy (with lower light it looks gold) absolutely wreaks of papaya, candy, and rubber. Tastes how she smells. Heavy narcotic high. Almost hypnotic. One small dab and you will forget what you’re doing for a good hour or 2. I have an extremely high tolerance to hi potency stuff. Typically a 3 gram a day dabber. This stuff, not so much. Proud to say this one was done all in house, grown by, washed by yours truly in sapulpa Oklahoma.  The last photo was at press.

Much love.

Rusty nutz

Kek king