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pHive.8 Distribution
3841 Mariposa St
Denver, CO 80211

Phone: 720-502-4936
Fax: 720-638-4369
e-mail: info@phive8.com


About Us

Papillon counts over 40 years of developing grow light solutions. We have a proven track record in HPS grow light. Together with our dutch growers we developed a complete LED-product line. Modern, up-to-date and efficient. Available for you now. To professional growers an extra gram per square foot can mean the difference between profit and loss. This is why using the best and most up-to-date equipment is essential. Papillon offers a wide range of fixtures in HPS, CMH, and LED.

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The HORTILED Top is suitable for top lighting of flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables. This fixture has an efficiency of 2.7 µmol/Joule, while the most efficient electronically controlled HPS systems currently achieve 1.9 µmol/Joule. This increased efficiency brings direct savings on your energy bill. The HORTILED Top produces significantly less heat, allowing you lighting at a higher intensity with minimal impact on the greenhouse temperature.

The light output of the HORTILED Top is 860 Umol/Joule. Which is higher than comparable LED fixtures on the market. The HORTILED Top has a 150° radiation pattern and is available with two colour spectra; a full daylight spectrum, which boosts the growth of young plants. And a specialized blooming spectrum which ensures you a large volume of big and healthy flowers.


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HORTILED Multi is the ideal LED fixture for multi-layer cultivation and dimmable experimental set-ups. It delivers the highest efficiency on the market. Efficiency levels of up to 2,5 µmol/Joule can be achieved. This makes the HORTILED Multi 60% more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting.

This fixture is available in full output and a150°radiation pattern. Therefore it is the best choice in situations where a high light intensity is needed.The HORTILED Multi can be supplied with three different spectra:; full spectrum, e-bloom and far-red.


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The HORTILED Inter is designed to be placed within the crop to supplement your top lighting. With 2,63 µmol/Joule, the HORTILED Inter is the most efficient fixture, it provides 10% more light per square foot than other comparable LED products available in the market right now.

The HORTILED Inter is highly suitable for use in hybrid systems with HPS and LED. This fixture can easily be combined with traditional systems such as Papillon E-Light and HORTILED Top.

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The Papillon E-light 1000 is manufactured with a superior reflector. In combination with the brighter Double Ended 1000 Watt EL Lamp this fixture offers you the highest PAR output per Watt available in the market today.

By using a completely different production proces and high quaility materials, our reflectors get their high reflection capacity. The µmol-values achieved by the Papillon E-Light 1000 are in average 10% higher than those achieved by conventional luminaries. The patented reflectors have a yield of 95%.

Papillon E-Light 600w

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The Papillon E-Light 600 offers many advantages over conventional luminaries. Quite simply, it uses the same amount of energy to produce more light. We achieve this result by combining a superior reflector (92% efficiency) with the brighter 600 Watt Electronic lamp.

Papillons patented reflectors have a yield of 92%, measured in a laboratory certified by British Standardization Institute. The µmol-values achieved by luminaries with these reflectors are in average 10% higher than by conventional luminaries.


Papillon D-Light 315

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Our Papillon D-Light 315 offers the unique combination of a daylight lamp and a green power lamp. The daylight lamp is optimized in a broad spectrum grow light and offers an increased share of blue light. This lamp is perfect to use during the growth stage of the plant. The green power lamp has a broad spectrum with a peak in the 660 nm Deep-Red area. This peak makes the plant more generative which results in a stronger bloom of the plant in the flowering stage.

The Papillon D-Light fixture features an ultra durable electronic ballast with a 50.000 hours average lifetime. The average lifetime of the green power and daylight bulbs is 16.000 hours with 80% light output remaining till the end.

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