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Hi there DGC love the show i think i have watched them all now and i did a post about the new UVB/UVA light i got from migro and for me, i have had really good results but never been able to test the difference but DUTCH PASSION SEED company  done some testing here is what they found

PS) that was not me talking about ppm on the show the other day same user name but that was not me its in this podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3-Gew3yJN0&t=1057s

MIGRO UVB delivers 19% Terpene increase in Dutch Passion test

Dutch Passion, one of the world’s oldest seed bank companies, has tested the MIGRO UVB to determine the effect on terpene levels. They ran a controlled test in a side-by-side grow, one side with UVB, one without. There was a 19% increase in terpene levels under the UVB fixture, with some terpenes increasing by almost 50%.

Please note the scale on the right-hand side is different and makes the result look lower. Please note the percentage numbers and not the size of the bars.

Increased terpenes mean increased flavor and smell. Research also indicates increased terpene levels can lead to a more complex and satisfying effect when consumed.

Link to the full Dutch passion blog post here: How to increase terpene levels in cannabis plants

Love the DGC you have all helped me so much so i want to help others and i just found this par meter which is just as good as the apogee sensor its been tested by the youtube channel migro

info link –  https://www.migrolight.com/spoton-quantum-par-light-sensor/