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I just put up my hlg 550 looking great, how ever I can’t tell what reading it’s giving out and wanna buy a par meter and sensor to be able to measure every thing I have to in order to find out how many usable Photosynthetic photon flux is available at the current at height I like that I can control the light I’m just lost as to how much it’s putting out. I currently got that light in my 5×5 with only 4 plants would of loved to fill it with 20-25 for my 4×4 I have 7 seedlings I might just keep them there cause I wanna try and do a sea of great type I did my research and saw for a 4×4 I need at least 9-16 for sea of green ima see if I get by with only 7 but what you guys think on where I got them at the 4 bigger ones are just a week older but there auto flowers the other 7 are fem I got another 10 seeds coming in and I plan on taking plenty of clones so that when I pick the ones I keep I pick the ones that grow out the best and that way I can be sure to maintain the sea of green method I was reading that in a 5×5 if I put 49 plants they can veg one week that’s crazy lol 😂  btw looking for more for something under 100 to be able to measure what I have to for light.