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Hey dudes. Been watching your show lately and became a big fan. Love the knowledge and just weed talk in general… Comin to you from South Africa Capetown.

Ive started my second and first proper indoor grow two months ago. Began by popping my seeds in some garden soil I’ve been preparing for about 3 years. And if I’m being honest it wasn’t the best soil you can get. It was evident when I transplanted and saw that there was very little root development but they looked healthy.

When I finally got my soil I ordered, which is an enriched coco and with worm casting and organic plant matter. It’s marketed as cannabis soil. Been watering with only tap water as instructed by the manufacturer and also for me to see if I need to add anything extra in future grow… Maybe Recharge πŸ’ͺ🏽

So they look happy and all in this soil. Growth has sped up but I found a gang of waving hand on my top soil. Had a look with a microscope and I can only see one waving antenna and almost no body. Don’t know what concert they’re attending but I wanna know with corona havin us locked, should I evacuate the area or are they friendly? Cos I’ve heard about beneficial organisms and bug and I don’t want an infestation either so what imma do Dudes

Much love from South Africa