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IMG_1964Hello DGC

Just wanted to give a quick review of the Pax 2 herbal vaporizer for vaporizing your favorite flowers.

This is the only vaporizer that I have owned (that is a lie, I owned a pax 1 originally but my dog ate it. Fuck was he high, he was like Maureen Dowd with her Busch league ass. I felt like such a dick bag). I like the pax 2 more than the pax 1 for sure. It lasts longer in battery life and and the pax 1 had a crappy mouth piece that caused a lot of problems. This is cheaper than the Storz and Bickel, I bought mine off a guy at the back of a truck so I may like mine more because it was cheap. I would really like to try the Storz and Bickel products in the future. My friend’s wife raves about the volcano and she didn’t have much to say about the Pax 2, so there is that. It is certainly not taking things to another level with the high. And when you first start using it from smoking pipes you wonder if you are getting a hit. This seems to be because it is much less harsh than pipes. Taste is far better and when I end up smoking a pipe with friends it usually tastes subpar. I did use a dug out/batty or spliff for the 20 years before I found the pax, so you could say I am not the classiest smoker. I prefer something that the mustache having police officer won’t think much of when he inevitably sees me smoking in my prohibition state. Since I got the pax I haven’t used anything else really. And there is the side bonus that I can use the vaporized herbs to make cannabutter and then bring edibles to events that I can’t smoke at. I guess I could just not get high at those events, but that sounds less than stellar.
Almost forgot to mention. The screen that comes with the Pax is pretty terrible. I ended up cutting one from a wooden pipe to fit the bottom and this worked better, but led to more residue getting through making a little bit of a mess to clean up every 5-10 sessions. All in all, after writing the review, I really want to buy a Might or a Crafty from Storz and Bickel and put this guy up on the shelf. A friend of mine that has a Pax still smokes glass and bongs and such and just put the Pax in a drawer.
I attached a photo of what I did with the left over herbs from the last few weeks. Much better than an ashtray or roaches. Well I don’t want to talk down about roaches, they helped me through my younger days.
If I had eaten less of those, this review would make more sense.

My brother Daryl wanted me to mention that this is probably the best device you could use while driving. No lighter, no real mess, no ash. Packing it is a little tough while driving a manual, he said, but so is rolling a spliff (wrecked my first car rolling a spliff, wah wah). Practice, practice, practice my friends (we’re talking about practice?!). My other brother Daryl wanted me to mention that it is also a great walk in the public park type of vape. Not many people notice you with it compared to a six foot bong, and it doesn’t smell quite the same as normal herb burning. Just wanted to give that extra input because those are their two favorite reasons to keep a Pax around. The Pax customer service is very good as well. Mine is broken, I believe due to someone not cleaning it often enough, not sure who was supposed to do that, but it didn’t happen. I told them the symptoms, not exactly the cause, and they said they would send a new one, so that is pretty dank.

Since writing this, I have purchased a Crafty from Storz and Bickel. The pax is still more convenient to use in public and to be nonchalant with, but the Crafty is better almost everywhere else for me. Since the Pax III is out now, the Pax II is a bit cheaper than the Crafty. Given the choice I will take the Crafty, and I did.

Anywho, I encourage you to all buy any type of vape you can, and come burn one down with me.