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Hello DGC!

I want to start off by thanking everyone in this community and, as always, Scotty, Guru, and The Dude! Without all of you, my learning process would have been much slower. Today is the day that I cut down my first ever personal harvest. These are some pics of my harvested PBB that came from some clones of a local dispo of mine (sorry Scotty). I grew it in a 2x2x4 AC infinity tent setup and ran Fox Farm nutes with a little bit of Recharge. I also threw in some Bud Candy and came to this result! A little backstory, I’ve been working as a grower for about a year now in my state. During which, I have been listening to the DGC podcast to soak up any information that I wasn’t getting from my job which happened to be a lot! Listening to you guys has helped me out so much and I really hope that these pictures can reflect that. Thank you all from the bottom of heart, you’re helping me turn my dream into a reality! Keep on growin and token DGC!!!!