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These are my two main bitches – the one that leans sativa is Dinafem’s Critical Jack. The indica leaning hybrid is a cross that I made between Rare Dankness’ Ghost Train Moonshine Haze and Dinafem’s blueberry northerlies lights.

These started as part of my perpetual fall SOG grow that I re-vegged over over the winter.

Growing 30 Gallon fabric pots in a blend of pete and sphagnum moss with perlite, loam, blood meal and composted seaweed.

Feeding them both with DynaGro, Recharge and a compost tea called  “the Heisenberg tea”.

I train LST with binder clips, garden wire and heavy-duty washers.

Lots of defoliation and  lollipop style shaping every other week.

If the DGC digs this post I’ll update you all in a couple of weeks!

Lots of love for the DGC Fam from out in Atlantic Canada.  Jah bless.