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Whats up Dude and Scotty, Hello DGC,  im just looking for some advice. I am just about to turn my girls to flower and and i have some concern.  I am growing drain to waste in 25 gallon smart pots in promix amended with worm castings. My room is 4K watts running two hortilux HPS, one Hortilux Blue and one traditional metal hallide.  I run the full GO line (feeding maximum suggested on label) with Mammoth P and recharge.  I have been foliar spraying with Absorbalight and neem.  I have 4 girls.  Two are something called Hamster (local strain from the late 90s) in the 2nd image.  The first image is LA woman and the 3rd image is Purple Nepal.  All are cuts from family and friends and this is my first grow with them.  The purple nepal is the one i have concern about.  The two other strains appear to have the perfect burn with a little burn just at the leave tips.  However, the purple nepal has some yellowing.  Am i over feeding or is this some sort of deficiency? Thanks,