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I grew two auto flowers as my first plants and I know I over-watered them being new to growing and I just started a photo period run and I started them in clear solo cups so I could examine the roots and moisture level in the cup. I slid them into a slightly smaller red solo cup to keep the roots from light. I could not believe how little I needed to spray the soil and my plants thrived, in two weeks they were beyond ready to be transplanted. If you get two different sized cups you don’t have to drill/poke the holes in the same places because there will be a small pocket at the bottom separating the two cups. I found it very beneficial to monitor the moisture and will definitely be going this route in the future for any plant, photo or auto, I feel that getting the water level right to start and seeing your plant take off will negate any transplant shock possibly caused with a autoflower. Much love DGC!