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I would like to start out by saying, don’t sit your drivers on your lights.  It makes them get MUCH hotter than they need to and the back of your light is made to dissipate heat from your diodes, you don’t want to be adding more heat to them for sure.  I see a lot of people do it though.

While trying to find a simple way to hang my meanwell drivers I came across these S-hooks from the dollar tree.  You get 3-5 of them for a buck depending on the size and they fit into the little hole in the meanwell drivers perfectly.  Then you just hang them over a bar in your tent and you are done.  This allows me to slide my drivers with the lights if I need to and makes them super easy to move around as you just pick the s hook up and move it if you cant slide it where you need it.  I have used wire ties, wire, d-rings, rope, all kinds of bullshit but these work better than anything I have found or could think up it is like they were produced for this purpose.

Another big plus is the drivers stay much cooler hanging out in the air where the fans are blowing over them.   They are never hot to the touch like they are on the lights.  Just warm.