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What up DGC. I listen to the pod everyday at work. I just started  growing last year due to my GF’s Lupus symptoms. Medical marijuana has drastically improved our quality of life. She’s able to reduce her meds for pain. I’m setting up a perpetual grow and I’m using a 3×3 fabric bed (4×4 tent) in organic soil with down to earth dry amendments. I’m currently using a hlg550 v2 rspec in the 4×4. I’m going to use my 600w vivosun blurple in my 2×4. I have a 2×2  tent on the way, which I plan on using my hlg-100 3000k. The goal is for seedlings and clones in the 2×2 .Then use 1 gallon fabric pots in the 2×4 and then transplant into the 4×4 for flower. Without sacrificing quantity over quality. What would you guys recommend for plant count in each tent?  Thanks, you guys for all of the invaluable info/content.