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Hey folks!

Wanted to let you guys know prohibition is alive and well here in the bluegrass state. My brother Jimmy’s neighbor had a visit from the state police helicopter last week. It was the fuckinest thing he’s ever seen.

Getting ready for a work trip last week Jimmy is in his back yard packing up the truck. He hears a helicopter, it sounds low. The helicopter comes in to view and it’s literally right over the tree tops. Jimmy freaks the hell out because he thinks there is no way in hell they haven’t spotted his outdoor ladies hiding in the woods. He calls his neighbor to let him know they’re out and his neighbor says “Yeah dude they just went right over my plants, they had to see them.”

Long story short, they circled their land 3 or 4 times and LANDED the damn thing in his neighbors yard. A dude with a green jumpsuit that said cannabis suppression branch hops out and proceeds to chop the neighbors plants down with a machete and write him a ticket and give him a court date for tomorrow 7/30/2019. Turns out they did not see Jimmy’s plants in the woods, only the neighbors. The neighbor had a total of 4 plants, 5 is a felony here. They were in patches of 2 and 2, so at best from a far the helicopter spotted 2 plants and landed.

A small amount of research lead me to a page showing that the state of KY spends $525 of my tax dollars an hour to fly their Bell 206 Jet Ranger turbine powered helicopter to rid our state of this dangerous plant. Absolutely disgusting!! Plus it just seems f’d up that they can fly right over your land and scope you out form 400 ft up. Seems like a serious invasion of privacy. Instead of raking in tax money selling licenses or cannabis, my state chooses to blow tax dollars on a ridiculous eradication plan. They admit in an article that it’s very costly and doesn’t produce much. I think they just like to get dressed up and feel important.

They treat it like your growing the meth. The worst part is Jimmy’s neighbor just got off probation from a misdemeanor cultivation charge a few months back, got a feeling they may put the whammy on him. Fingers crossed, send some positive vibes their way DGC!