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I have a quick question for you guys and would like to explain my situation if i may respectfully. I am a guy who is hurt very badly. I had a 4000 corrugated pipe roll on me at work, crushing me. After being found 10 minutes later from an employee who apparently called an ambulance, it did not fracture or break any vertebra and my spinal cord is intact. When it originally happened, I was released from the ER in all kinds of pain. I complained of horrible pain and sensations leaving me unable to move around freely without tremendous amounts of pain The company I work for claimed I was lying about the pain and then laid me off from a job I had been at for 15 years. Causing me to have to hire a lawyer and fight for care and wages while almost loosing my home and everything I own. I won a year later but I’m left with 5 bulged disk, nerve pain, horrible shooting pains, some thing called adult onset focal dystonia, malphisa pain syndrome. I’m having no luck getting health care for the underlined above problems. I haven’t been looked at, managed or treated. So not to be a wimp or a slacker/whiner. Here is my question. Being out of work, I talk to a lot of rookies and newbies about growing pot. I do smoke pot, enjoy it and always have. I am 44 since forever. It helps me be calm and relax but unfortunately not with pain. I hope one day maybe I will get to try  may trying different strains and always be experimenting. I don’t wish to become addicted to these pain killers which as funny as it sounds, not being able to get good doctors to look at you, they will throw pills at you like candy but not to veer from the subject, sorry my friends. My question is with all the new technology as far as battery operated bug light and zappers if you will??? Things other than pesticides that are ideal for anybody on a budget and not. Do you think that something like a battery operated bug zapper would help with bug and pest problems in their grows? AFTER ALL, DON’T ALL THESE  BUGGERS START OUT AS FLY LARVA? I will send a pic of my grow. I have some bruce banner and gorilla glue planned out for the next cycle. There is no bug problem is this grow, just a pic of mine. I think there is a white widow, train wreck and california dreams as well. 8 plants in a 4x8x10 closet at week 1 of flower. I ask because I just wonder myself and have mentioned it two others if it may be a new simple pest control solution that just has not been considered or a horrible idea that has destroyed crops and caused havoc and chaos with grows. Thank you from a very appreciative grower in usa massachusetts   jason hullihen ((aka)) hulie,,,,, much respect end prohabition drïvïn..(((are)))driven