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Hello DGC

I know we only speak when I have a problem so here I am again. Just to start with I’ve killed two fish in my life due to my inability to get my head around pH. So here’s my problem. I started two little hempy buckets just to try really. I only had perlite. So I washed it under the hot tap to clean it and set the buckets up. Reading more (maybe I should of before, ha) perlite has a pH of 7 and the run off was 8.4 so I dropped the pH down to compensate and it creeps back up. So how do I get to keep it down? Did I need to prep the perlite some more? I’m not interested in spending money on it as I’m saving for a veg light and an AC infinity so every £10 is going in a pot. Plus I have enough things going on in soil so if I’ve fucked it, it can all go in the bin. I have enough perlite and clones to start again if it’s an easy fix, but it’s gotta be a cash free-ish fix if you get me? Thank you for your time 🙏