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Hi guys,
I’ve been growing in organics for a few years now and fancy trying something different and going straight into coco. I’ve got canna a&b and next run i’m ready to rock. I love growing organically but i’m ready to give something else a whirl just for fun really. So i’d like to give the plants in coco a compost tea every now and then. After listening to your show i don’t think mixing organics and synthetics is the taboo i thought it was when i first started growing a couple of years ago. So my question is:
Would i still have to pH compost tea to around the usual range or would the microbes in the tea take care of business for me? I’ll be hand watering so i wont be trying to put any organics through a drip system. My gut feeling tells me that adding pH up may kill some beneficial microbes. Am i just trying too hard and should i just stick with the canna a and b and massive bloom?
Growing cannabis is my hobby and while it feels totally wholesome learning about science and nature it’s also totally illegal here. Its such a juxtaposition and often find myself talking to people in social situations about my ‘garden’ and soil and microbes but i can’t be honest with what i grow. I hope none ever ask to try my ‘tomatoes’ as the last variety i grew was sherbert pebbles OG and gets me high as shit.
Huge fan of the show. Excited for each episode. Growers love from the UK.