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Hey DGC love the show! Watching from Ontario Canada! I’ve been growing for about a year now and desperately trying to really dial my skills in. I’m growing in pro mix hp, phlizon 2000w cob led light Hanging 20 – 24 Inch from tops in a mars hydro 4×4 tent, Ac infinity inline fan, Mini heater, Humidifier in tent, dehumidifier and dual hose AC on outside of the tent although I have a hose running from AC to a port in the tent bringing in cool fresh air in the summer. In the winter I don’t run the AC I just let the in-line fan bring air in through the ports. For this run I started using Gaia green 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 and a 50/50 worm casting/kelp liquid I used as a tea. I got fed up with thinking I had deficiencies/toxicities nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, cal and mag with the Gaia green. I then switched to general hydroponics flora series during week 6 growing these auto flowers. I feel like I understand all this but the more I try to fix things the more I feel I don’t really understand lol. I was talking to the owner of my local grow shop and showed him some pictures and he said that always using pH down to get my correct pH will cause a salt build up and lower my pH lower over time in the pro mix then what I set it too which is around 6.2. So he says I’m getting deficiencies / toxicities lockout because my pH is getting too low because of the pH down staying in the promix… I’m trying to water to run off to get a reading but my soil just soaks the water up and I don’t get any runoff at all and I don’t want to drown them and give them a ton of water and worsen the issues I’m already having. What do I do??? I will be switching to coco after this run but I want to understand what’s happening here!! Please help DGC your my only hope! 😊

p.s I couldn’t get my last pic on there but two plants are also very dark green which is nitrogen toxicity I think? They have all been fed the exact same feeding but some are different strains 2 blue dream, 2 tangi matic 420 fast buds, 3 fugue state From Mephisto genetics.