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Hey fellas! Your podcast has taught me many valuable things. Hearing other people’s issues and the 3 of you guys hammering out a solution is priceless.

So anyways…. in prohibition land of beautiful upstate NY we have to hunker in for the winter and the bike gets put away. I felt it was finally time to pull the trigger on a grow. I’ve always been fascinated with hydroponics so I chose an ebb and flow system. I bought a 10 foot section of 4″ PVC pipe and glued it together in a complete circuit with an outlet. I started Cheese and LSD from seed. I picked the 3 strongest and placed them in rock wool cubes. Set the cubes in the strainer cup, added clay pebbles and installed in the unit. Once the plants hit 3 inches tall there was no stopping their growth  (literally 1/2 per day) I set up my reverse osmosis filters and got my PPM down from 185 to 10ppm. I used that water in my dehumidifier and the main reservoir. I do a complete water swap once every two weeks and watch my ppm and adjust each day during the in between time. I try to keep my ppm between 7 and 800 (equal parts of the nutes and I use aqua flakes) the system runs 20 minutes once per hour and once during their nap time. The room temp is at 72 and a 50 to 60% humidity.  A charcoal filter fan kicks on with the feed pump as they were sticking my basement up at 3 weeks in veg.

Ahrighty, so my question and the reason I left out my pH reading info. My reservoir runs a pH of 9 to 10 constantly. water temp at 78 degrees and an air bubbler running constantly. I fought this issue for a week. I added pH down, the pH would drop to 6 and be back up to 9 in a day. I finally removed my head from my butt hole and tested the water as it flowed through the system and holy christ on a cracker it was at 5 on the nuts! How can a reservoir with 9ph drop 4 points by flowing through a 6 foot half inch hose???? I’ve learned to chill about it and just accept it, but I’m still curious why. The plants look amazing and growth is insane so I just keep doing what I’m doing.

Guys, your fuckin rockstars in the grow community. keep it rollin brothers