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Hypothetical here.. so jimbob has 45 plants in 1 gallon pots of 12 different strains from solfire and square one. Heights range from 8″ to 13″. Bobby Jim is planning on flowering in 2 weeks in unused build a soil 3.0 w/ extras for topdressing. build a flower, craft blend , worm castings rootwise line.. topped the few that were above a foot tall today I reckon there were 5. Rest were tied down or pruned a bit to get lowers big enough to snag a cut or two before the flip.  Could tommy James get away with using 5 gallon pots with these parameters? He will be using the ac infinity 5 gals which give an extra inch or two height wise so there will be an actual 5 gallons of soil in each with an inch or two to topdress and mulch . So from germination they will be 5 weeks old when flowering starts.  Has anyone gone with similar height and plant age in 5 gallons? Grow room is 12 x 12 x 8 ‘ ceilings 2400 watts hlg let’s say.  complete environmental control . Hypothetically this is the most important grow of Timmy Jean’s life for he traveled the world of the interweb to get these 12 strains. The other question would be assuming the grow went  smoothly would the results be a true indicator of the genetic potential of the plants or would they be skewed by shorting veg time? Yield is of little significance compared to finding some of special gems to add to billy Rays collection of rare dankness.  🙏🙏🙏 To all who read and/or have any words of wisdom for this most special grow.  Thank you in advance for help with this totally hypothetical situation. Dgc for life. smartest guys in the room for sure 👍🤙