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What’s up y’all?

It’s apparent that Dude loves purple buds and Scotty loves all the Frosty buds, but what about some old school bud that will still compete with today’s bud? Well unlike the two previous mentioned Legends I am drawn to these attractive redheads.

Who knows about PIFF?

If you were on the East Coast, New York, New Jersey area mid-90s early 2000s then you’ll know what this is. If not it’s definitely a bucket list kinda weed & completely unlike strains you find today. The smell is so different from weed, but don’t be fooled by the smell or complete lack of trichomes…  This is only for the experience connoisseur consumer. If you ever get the chance grab it when you can, you won’t regret it.

There is some lore & mystery surrounding this bud. I’m not here to speak on that I’ll just let the others argue, if they must.

Keep doing what y’all doing, y’all definitely keep me smiling…  Stay safe!

Sorry for the low quality pictures