WTG Sept 2017
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Well I bought these seeds to be my first grow and really didn’t read up on the strain much other then knowing it was a high THC indica. A few days into the grow I started reading horror stories of this strain not finishing for 90-100 days and I wasn’t thrilled about my first grow taking that long. Before I knew it I had some amber trichomes and I really wasn’t expecting it so I didn’t have time to do a proper flush, or at least I thought. This strain finished with approx amber trichomes in exactly 65 days, Barneys claims the strain finishes in 65 days so I was shocked. Like I said this was my first grow so my knowledge was minimal in the beginning and I fed them on the mild side. I feel like this is a vigorous easy to grow plant. I will say that they were under a 315 not sure if that had something to do with the finish time. ¬†One pheno had a light greyish light purple color to it that looked like velvet which is phenomenal smoke, ash burns white and it’s smooth. I really enjoy the high, I’m clear headed enough I can smoke it during the day but if I’m on the couch it’s putting me to sleep. Some of this smells like straight diesel fuel and let me tell you this guy grew out the dank!