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Hey DGC, I’m still learning the ropes with this being my second grow. Pictured is my Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk grown in an Ocean Forest/Happy Frog mix in 5 gallon fabric pots. Stuck with Fox farms grow big and big bloom and your lovely recharge. Tap water pH’d down to 6-6.5ish. 315cmh light along with a 600w (100 actual watts) phlizon in a 4×2 tent.  My last grow was seedbank brand autos and both bud density and potency were lacking. WOW do good genetics and recharge make a difference. These pineapple chunks smelled more in veg than my autos did at harvest time, not even kidding.

Thanks for all you guys do and the knowledge you share. I’m able to grow high quality organic cannabis and have peace of mind knowing my parents are medicating cleanly and pesticide free.

Cheers from Michigan!