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Hey again DGC fam!

I have another girl who has just done amazingly for me.  She was a seed that I found out of my previous Pineapple Punch grow, one of only 3-4 seeds in 8 ounces.   Grown inCoco, started in biodegradable nursery bag then transplanted bag directly into 7 gal rain science grow bag.  Fed with Grow Dots supplemented by Nectar for the gods, cal mag, recharge, and MOAB Bloom Boost. Under an HLG 600rspec.

This girl yielded a respectable 8.4 ounces.  Has a funky skunky smell more than sweet when you pop the jar or break a bud open, but when you smoke it, it’s sweet and nasty dank!

This August marks 1 year since my first harvest and the beginning of me providing my own medicine!  The DGC was the first podcast and platform I found and learned a tremendous amount.

Thanks all and stay high!