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Hey DGC fam,

Been a while since i have posted a dank nug but this girl deserves to be seen!  😄

I received these Pineapple Punch auto seeds in a $30 grab bag from Seedsherenow.  Pineapple express x Purple Punch.  Damn that was a $30 well spent just on this one seed.

Grown on coco in 5 gal fabric pots.  I used 2 teaspoons of grow dots in the 5 gal pots when I transplanted and supplemented with aquarium water, cal-mag, some nectar for the gods here and there, Recharge and Flower Fuel PK boost when the flowers were bulking up.

I really like the grow dots as a base then supplementing like a mad scientist to find what works!  😆

What I did this time for sure worked!  This girl was an absolute beast.  My largest yielding plant to date at a whopping 226 grams of dry, off the stem, quality bud!

Smells like honeydew and grapefruit but the cure just started yesterday, gonna be interesting to see how that matures over the next few weeks.

Thanks for checking me out! Stay golden DGC