This is 1 of 4 plants in my 4×8. It is pink paradise by copycat genetics. This is day 34 in flower. 4 plants in 4×8, 4x20gal running 640w 5 dimmer lm301h foldable but split apart to cover a good area than the factory square. Recycled soul for a few years 8-9 grows.  I selected 4 seeds of the various I have, this 1 just being the only pink popped. I want to thank the group and even guru, I learned so much from you guys. Also posted my 1st grow a few years back.
I just want to say my veg rh was @70-85% with no issues. I defoliated a few days previous to flower. Day 16 defoliation but not to the extreme of schwazzing, very close to. My other 3 plants taking up the tent. My flower rh is around 60-70% with no issues. Running s8 in 4×8 So I have a jet engine in my duct if needed. I crossed some fem pollen bridal party and also blackberry oreo bigstuff because this is the biggest nugs of the 4, the least internodal spacing so more indica weight. I pushed my lights on 100% day 1 flower without my IR diodes, they were off to reduce stretching. and UVA diodes didn’t go on until day 10-14ish. I water with a 5 gal bucket. I use every watering folvic, humic acid, organic booster -bluesky nutrients(carbs), ph water 6.8. Soluble PK (flower2 -bluesky), miicorbial mass, fishsh!t, and super b+. I am just pushing my plants over the conservative recommendations and documenting unkown genetics, if it is hype or not. I can only control my own grow and take for granted what others do with their own.

Just wondering should I defoliate remove foliage, keep the sugar leaves. Remove any stem over an inch or should I just keep it all and have fall colours. If the dude wants a tester I am in ab. It is extremely smoky right now.