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I’m learning alot from the site and the show and want to thank all of you for the help.

I have three strains in flower and two of them have pistils changing color going into week 5. One of the strains still has all white hairs but the other two have orange and red hairs already. I think this is related to a nitrogen toxicity issue I had during the transition to flower. But I was wondering if this could also just be the strain since i feel like i fixed the toxicity and nutrient issues at week 2. I should know if the nutrients were the issue when I move the next set of clones into flower but thought i would get some advice.

Do pistils give you good indication of the plant health in flowering no matter what? Or do you need to know how the strain flowers before determining how pistils are responding?

1st pic and features image is of the Emerald triangle G13 x blueberry x headband

2nd pic is a mystery seed from my jar

3rd pic is of the Barneys Farm LSD

Growing in soil and using GH nutes with diamond nectar, under a couple cheap bestva 1500w lights that will be replaced next crop.

Thanks for the help!