I’m in the planning stage for a new grow, after the boys (and girls) in blue paid me a visit back at the beginning of 2020. They told me if I grew inside, they wouldn’t be back, as I was growing in a 100 sqft greenhouse at the time. A risky move in prohibition land (Australia), but at the time medical cannabis was $1400/oz, and I wanted medical strains rather than the lucky dip, low grade, buds off the street.

I got my hands on 2x 400w HPS lights (going to buy 2 new bulbs) a little while back, that worked a treat on a bunch of my vege seedlings/clones. I’m looking at getting two 3×3 tents to run these, or possibly a single 3×6 and hang both. My main question comes in the form of what to do for veg. Do I get a 3×3, and run a 315cmh/400wMH, or a 2×2 with a 250w? With legalization possibly looming around the corner, this would allow 12 plants to be grown (2 adults at 6 plants each), so want to be able to continue the same setup.

I was thinking of finding some 8-10 week strains, running 4 veg, 8 flower, in a somewhat perpetual grow (harvest/move up veg every 4-5 weeks). Starting with seeds, then moving to clones from the best phenotype of each strain. I intend on doing a soil grow, with organic liquid/dry amendments. My previous grows were done with the Seasol range (Aussie fertilizer), with added microbe/probiotic liquids, and it was the best bud I’ve ever had. Pop/clones in Solo Cups, Veg in 1 gal, Flower in 3-5 gal.

I’m open to suggestions on strains from the DGC, unfortunately when I try and load seedsherenow, it says it’s unavailable in my country. My last seeds were from seedsman.

Keep up the good work Scotty, Dude, Grambo, and all the brainstrust in the DGC.