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What’s going on DGC! Hope everyone is well! I’m currently growing a pack of Gator Breath from Jungle Boys. They are currently in 1 gallon nursery pots (Sunshine#4, added perlite, and WC) being fed FOOP Organics @350ppm, weekly Recharge, and Mammoth P. Watering around every 2-3 days till 10% runoff. Lights are 2 HLG 100s hung 15-18 inches away from canopy. And my grow environment is stable at 73-77F 52-55 RH. Now to the problem. I’ve been growing these plants from seeds for about 6 weeks now. I’ve had them in the 1 gallon containers for about 3 weeks to identify sex. After showing sex I took cuttings and defoliated to prep for flower and noticed a couple of the ladies weren’t too happy. 4 of the 7 girls have seemed to run into a deficiency or are maybe root bound? I checked the runoff and pH was 6.3 and runoff was around 1500 ppm. Hoping the DGC can help!