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What’s up DGC!

Once again I find myself scratching my head in the world of anecdotal bro science and whispers round the campfire. This time it’s a click bait status about Plant Growth Regulators that’s got the juices flowing. The post is suggesting PGRs are the only way to achieve COMPLETELY closed nugs (can’t even get your nails in the cracks to split it).

It also makes three other claims.

– that you actually get high off the remnants of PGR in plants when dried and smoked (???)

– the ol’ white ash clean/black ash bad chestnut

– PGRs can give you Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (??????)

I’ve never reeeeally thought about these things since I’ve been a part of the DGC, so I’d love to hear the perspective of a knowledgeable group. Personally I think the truth is somewhere inbetween, as I have had clean smoking jacked up hydro bud, albeit slightly less flavourful.

Cheers from across the pond