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I love the show, one of three grow podcasts that I listen to on the regular.

I feel like this question is right up your alley and likely one which you’ve never encountered.

The situation:

Quarter Pounder auto in Day 110 during the second day of flush was sadly fed a bottle of full-strength pH Down by a helper (elderly dad) in my absence. Hilarity did not ensue. From the photos he sent me, leaves were wilted and floppy within a day, and despite multiple flushes when I returned two days later all stems turned yellow and the plant was dead.

The Quarter Pounder’s cabinet-mate, Sweet Tooth was spared the acid drink. I harvested both but kept them separate until I can determine if the Quarter Pounder is still safe for consumption.

My intention for this grow was to produce FECO for my recently diagnosed (prostate cancer) dad. I have recently acquired ExtractCraft Source Turbo and am eager to get to oil extraction.

My question:

Is the Quarter Pounder still safe to produce FECO and consume?  I’m unsure of the degree to which phosphoric acid in the pH Down is currently present in the flower and plant in general. Given the nature (highly concentrated) of concentrates, I’m concerned that the full-strength pH Down will similarly be concentrated in the extracted oil from said plant.

Background & Context:

The medium is Canna coco. Nutrients are Canna coco a+b. Acid drink was chugged during Day 110 on the 2nd day of Flush. Dad was bummed, poor guy!

Thanks for any advice you can share with me.

bb in Toronto!